natural amino acid suppliers
AppearanceLight yellow   powder
Size20-40mesh: 85%,   40-80mesh: 13%,
above 80 mesh:   2%.
Type:plant   sourced,(NH4)CL Type
Total amino acid:42%min.
Total Nitrogen:    17% min.
Amino acid nitrogen:6% min.
Ammonium Chloride:40%max.
pH value:4-6

Product efficacies:
l Improve absorption through the roots
l Increase crop resistance to adverse condition ( such as drought, frost, salinity, hail, disease)
l Improve flavour, color, firmness and preservation of fruit
l Help the plant to produce its own protein easier, saving energy required to produce amino acids
l Benefit formation of the proteins and plant cells

Package & Delivery
Package: 20kg net Plastic coated paper bags lining inside
Delivery: Within 15 days after the buyer’s prepayment or L/C at sight.

Storage & transportation
Storage amino total must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times for its hygroscopic feature and should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.
Validity: 3 yearsnatural amino acid suppliers

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