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S600 automatic rigid box making machine
BLS 600 Fully automatic rigid box making machine is the best equipment to make top grade rigid box. Reasonable design and credible performance. It consists of feeder part, corner pasting part, gluing part, positioning part and wrapping part.
The machine adopts advanced programmable logic controller, photoelectric tracking system, accurate hydraulic pneumatic deviation correcting system, and convenient touch screen human machine interface (Chinese and English operating panel), etc. to achieve automatic cardboard and paper delivery, four corners pasting, paper gluing, auto conveyance, positioning, pressing, automatic box drawing and catching, wrapping and all the work done consecutively just in one time to achieve high speed production.
It achieves fully automatic production via on-line operation of machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronics systems, and so on.  Increased production efficiency many times, innovated the conventional rigid paper box production, more than 30 times production efficiency was improved compared with traditional technology. This machine is widely used to making shoes box, shirt box, jewelry box, gift box, and other luxurious paper box.
Feeder Part: Feeder delivers paper and cardboard automatically, it draws single sheet exactly each time, keep them still during conveyance.
Gluing Part: Hot melt glue system can do automatic heating, circulation, stirring and accurately control the needed viscosity of the glue. Automatic gluing roller washing after gluing work is done.
Control Panel: Convenient control panel that equipped with advanced touch screen. Human machine interface can switch the language freely between Chinese and English so that the operation is much easier.
Positioning Part: The combination of hydraulic pneumatic positioning part and precise photoelectric detecting system, which can rectifies and positions the paper and the corner pasted cardboard box.
PLC Part: This machine employs advanced programmable logic controller, it can accurately control and achieve every single step of automatic rigid box production.
Corner Sticking Part: Corner sticking part folds the cardboard automatically and pastes automatically the four corners of the formed cardboard with hot melt adhesive tape, then delivers it to designated location.
Pressing Part: Square pressing mold press the box that enters its pressing range. The pressing work will expel air bubbles between the cardboard and cover paper, making box surface even and smooth.
Wrapping Part: In wrapping unit, the continuous work of box feeding and wrapping are actuated in one time.
Paper Size(A×B)A Min.95mm
A Max.610mm
B Min.180mm
B Max.850mm
Cardboard Size(C×D)C600mm
Paper Thickness
Cardboard ThicknessT0.8-3mm
Box Size(W×L×H)W Min.50mm
W Max.400mm
L Min.100mm
L Max.600mm
H Min.15mm
H Max.150mm
Edge Folding DepthR Min.7mm
R Max.35mm
Positioning Precision±0.5mm
Production Speed≤35 boxes/min.
Paper Pile Height300mm
Cardboard Pile Height1000mm
Electrical Power18kw/380v/3 phase
Glue Tank Capacity60L
Air Supply12L/min 0.6Mpa
Machine Weight6800kg
Machine DimensionsL6600×W4100×H3250mm
1. The maximum and minimum size of the cover depends on the size of cover paper and its quality.
2. The production speed of this machine depends on the following factors: raw material, glue and the operator’s skill proficiency.
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