China Magnetic Powder Brake
PRE-B Single Shaft Magnetic Powder Brake
Brand NameJęzykRE Converting PRE-B Series
Application:For all kinds of printing & converting machines need unwinding
Voltage24V DC
MAX Rotation   Speed1800rpm/min
Rated Torque0.6kgfm--80kgfm

PRE Converting single output shaft magnetic powder brake,uses DC24V DC voltage, has the features of stop support, fan cooling,max rotation speed 1800rpm.
PRE-b Model: 0.6N.m ,3N.m,6N.m,12N.m,25N.m,50N.m,100N.m 200N.m 400N.m,800N.m;

Magnetic powder brake working principle
The magnetic powder brake uses magnetic powder as a medium, and a new transmission component that forms a magnetic powder chain to transmit torque under energization is mainly composed of an inner rotor, an outer rotor, an excitation coil and a magnetic powder.
When the coil is not energized, the active rotor rotates. Due to the centrifugal force, the magnetic powder is clamped on the inner wall of the active rotor, and there is no contact between the magnetic powder and the driven rotor, and the active rotor idles.
After the DC power is turned on, a magnetic field is generated, and the magnetic powder of the working medium forms a magnetic powder chain under the action of the magnetic force line, and the inner rotor and the outer rotor are coupled to achieve the purpose of transmitting and braking torque.

It is widely applied in printing equipments, paper industry, bag-making machines, wire and cable machinery,coil machinery,wire winding machines,strapping bag machinery, laminating machines,textile machinery, weaving-dimensional machinery, woodworking machinery, extruders, specialized machinery and so on.

(1) High-precision torque control
(2) Superior durability,long service life
(3) The stability of torque characteristics
(4) Continuous operation on sliding
(5) Ink sleek,non-shock
(6) Suitable for high-frequency work

Magnetic powder brake installation example diagram:

The Schematic Diagram of powder brake,tension control, web guide system and other parts on equipment.
Order Details
Item NamePRE-B Single Shaft Magnetic Powder Brake
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)1Pc
Lead time3-5 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated WeightAccording to different models
PackageCarton/Wooden Box
Price TermEXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment termTT,L/C,Western Union
Country of OriginChina
China Magnetic Powder Brake

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