Pet Cooling Collar
Product Introduction
Dog Cool Bandana is the stylish way to keep your pet cool! made with non-toxic polymer crystals that can absorb up to 30 times their wt. and stay cool for several hours! Edged with a reflective strip for easy visibility. Reusable and hand washable. CoolBandanna - Small, Blue/Brown fits neck size 8-14"
Product Parameter (specification)
Dogs can't sweat, so it can be tough for them to keep cool on muggy summer days.
This innovative product is made with special non-toxic polymer crystals that absorb 30 times their weight.
You can help your dog stay cool with the Cool Bandana!
Completely reusable, hand-washable.
Product feature and application
Material: Cooling Fibre
Size:Neck Width
S:38cm 6cm
M:48cm 8cm
L:62cm 12cm
Production details
1. Cooling technology fabrics are used to cool the dog instantly.
2. The cool fabric reduces the temperature by absorbing heat to bring the cool comfort of the pet.
3. The fabric does not contain polymer materials, glues and crystals. The fibers used are safe and non-irritating fibers.
4. This fabric is light, breathable and comfortable to wear compared to ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.
5. Put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then take it out, the cooling effect is more obvious.
6. Take the dog out for walking, sports, climbing, etc.Pet Cooling Collar

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