Customized Sliding Door Mechanism
We supply soft closing system for sliding door.It's an excellent design and strong type with maximum loading capacity 80KGS.You can achieve the purpose of bidirectional soft closing with one damper.By this way you can save your cost as much as you can.
Soft Closing System for Sliding Door GC6003 is of great effect on damping.Not only can it reduce impact and noise,but also it is amazingly effective on safety protection.
Great load-bearing performance;Maxinum weight capacity:60KGS;
Innovative, convenient and accurate installation means;Easy to adjust;
Smooth,steady and silent movement.
Two-way damping deviceDuży uśmiechamping function exists while door opening and door closing.
1.Q:Can you sent us samples for quality checking?
A:Of course we can ,we are gald to send you a sample within 7 days depond on the sample on stock.
2.Q:Can we visit your factory ?How can i get there ?
A:Warmly welcome to our factory ,before you come.please give us a call or email .let us know your schedule ,and we can arrange our driver to pick you up from the airport ot hotel .Customized Sliding Door Mechanism

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