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O sobie: Our History
Kingwood Industrial Co.,Ltd is located in Liyang which is one of world's largest pellet mill manufacture ,and is the biggest supplier of complete sets of biomass pellet mill equipment in the pellet making field . Founded in 1999 by a group of professional biomass industry experts ,Kingwood keeps "believe in the power of quality " to serve customer in domestic and overseas since 2002 ,provided high-quality pellet mill project operating and service.After decades of development ,kingwood has accumulated valuable experience in the field of biomass pellet mill ,wood pellet maker ,bamboo pellet mill etc.from R&D,model choose ,manufacture ,installation and after-sale service. In 2011,Kingwood has become a manufacturer and service provider of biomass pellet plants with the largest number of customers ,as well as we provide pellet trading to help customer to make profit.
Our Factory
Kingwood has total area of more than 35,000 square meters, existing fixed assets is about 150 million yuan.It is mainly engaged in biomass molding equipment manufacturing 、 project construction, biomass pellet trade and project operations and services.
Our Product
The main products are: biomass pellet mill, wood pellet machine, bamboo pellet machine, pellet machine production line.
Product Application
Pellet mill machine can press a variety of biomass materials, such as:
1. Wood material: plywood, furniture factory abandoned wood sawdust, wood shavings, sawdust waste wood scraps, trim, building board waste, garden wood branch, wood logs,etc.
2 Bamboo products: bamboo, bamboo dust, toothpick waste, chopsticks waste,etc.
3. Agriculture wastes: herbaceous plants such as corn stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, palm kernels, palm weeds, reeds, cotton stalks, soybean stems, straw, rice straw, cassava straw, bagasse, tobacco rods,,etc.

Our Certificate
Kingwood has ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system and pass the CE, SGS certification, is advanced wood pellet machine outstanding manufacture, as well as research and develop the advanced pellet mill -no roller bearings , 24 hours running .Kingwood is the gold enterprise of Asia-Pacific Biomass Equipment Exhibition (No.1 in Asia and No.3 in the world) and the first listed company in China's biomass equipment industry.

Product Equipment
Advanced producing equipment :
1.large CNC die drilling center
2.Pellet mill machine assembly and testing center
3.Large embryo forging base
4.Auxiliary manufacturing base and pellet production test center

Our Service
Kingwood has profession technical team ,service team to provide one -stop service from consulting, design, planning, manufacturing, installation.
Interacting with customer and analyzing project.
Design process from customer side.
The shortest delivery time.
Installation ,debugging and training on site.
Customer -returning visit.
Spare parts always available.
24 hours stand by.Small Wood Pellet Mill

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