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O sobie: Our History
Xinxiang Zhonggong Conductor Rail Co., Ltd. was established for more than 20 years. Our products are advanced in technology, fine in workmanship and beautiful in appearance. They are ideal replacement products for mobile power equipment. Our company draws extensively on the essence of technology, researches and enterprise , exploration and innovation, continuously develops new products to maintain the market competitiveness, and can design and manufacture according to customers' requirements.
The sales volume has increased dramatically every year, with an annual sales volume of 500,000 meters and an annual comprehensive output value of 25 million yuan. With the corporate tenet of "sincerity, pragmatism, high quality,high efficiency", our company has been recognized by new and old customers, dedicated to serving people from all walks of life, welcome domestic Foreign merchants come to guide.
Our Factory
The factory is strategically located in Changyuan County, the largest lifting equipment production base in China. It covers an area of 1000 square meters. Factory greening is very beautiful. A large number of scientific and technological talents and advanced production equipment are introduced to improve product quality and production efficiency.
Our Product
Seamless Conductor Rail, Single Pole Conductor Rail, Multipole Conductor Rails,Steel Conductor Rails
Product Application
Widely used in aquaculture, port, express automation, metallurgical casting, playground equipment, lifting equipment and other mobile power supply industries.
Our Certificate
China Compulsory Certification(3C Certification)
Production Equipment
Injection Molding Machine, Hi-pot Tester, Resistance Tester
Product Market
Our products are sold to every region at home and abroad, and the annual sales volume is increasing. Most of them are foreign trade companies, China Railway 13th Bureau, enterprises, export to Vietnam, Southeast Asia and other countries, and have won unanimous praise from vast domestic and overseas customers. Seamless Conductor Rail

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